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The Call

My calling came about when I was around 16 years old. I was a selfish teenage girl who loved to watch Korean dramas and wanted to be successful in school. Yet, I was not able to be present and loving towards the people who were closest to me. At one point in my life, I began to question the happy feeling that only lasted as long as the movies kept on playing. Around this time, I helped out at Church and I started to be curious about religious life. I had a desire to go to Mass on the weekdays and stayed back for Adoration. As I found opportunities to know more about religious life, a Lover of the Holy Cross Sister found me and asked for my contact information to invite me to come and see. I gave my number to her with some hesitation and felt that I was not ready for this call yet. After meeting with the Sisters, they discerned with me about my vocation to religious life and helped me to overcome my fears. I was then able to give God my courageous “yes”. Since then, God’s love and graces have been abundant for me to grow and bear fruits and I live my life in freedom and true joy!


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