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Do You Have a Boyfriend Yet?

I grew up a cradle Catholic, practicing my faith like it was a checklist. I went to church every Sunday because my parents made me.

Throughout high school and college, I found myself quite active in the Church, volunteering to help with confirmation classes, food drives, and the like. Despite the hectic demand of pursuing my career as a Registered Nurse, I continued to keep close the Church, finding a sense of community and belonging in the activities I did.

Life was good and everything was peaceful until a question was thrown at me, not just once, but so many times until it became rather irritating. From my parents, people at church, to my patients at the hospital, everyone kept asking: Do you have a boyfriend yet?

People started to give me suggestions, seeing that I was single. They started to give me numbers and contacts of single and available guys.

I was even shocked one day when an 80-year-old patient offered to be my special lover. All of these "irritants" made me question my own status and I began to ask Jesus, not so much about having a boyfriend, but a bigger question: "What do you want me to do with my life? What is your desire for me?" I realized a deep and profound thirst for love.

At that time, I was attending the "Spiritual Exercises" course led by the parish priest. I was reflecting on a deep desire within - a desire for a future spouse and an even more deeper desire to experience God. It was during that time that God invited me to give Him a chance, for Him to be mine and for me to be His.

I recalled a dream I had - a dream to run into the embrace of my beloved. In those silent moments of prayer and retreat, Jesus showed me that my beloved is actually Himself. He has hidden me all this time from the temptation of the world because he wanted me solely for Himself.

Looking back now, I am grateful for those annoying "do you have a boyfriend yet?" questions. It led me to a bigger and deeper question that helped me discover my vocation.

What about you? Do you have a boyfriend yet?


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