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Looking for Mr. Right

Having found a career, the only thing missing in my life was a husband. I was on the

search for someone to settle down with and start a family. This was me 10 years ago, before joining the convent. My name is Sr. Rut Huynh, and this is my story.

I had gone to the annual Marian Days in Missouri with the intention of finding a

soulmate. I prayed that I would ‘bump into Mr. Right and live happily ever after.’

During one of the Family Improvement Workshops, I heard the song “Lỗi Hẹn,” which can be translated to “Broken Promise,” and I unexpectedly found myself in tears. My whole life seemed to flash right before me, with its ups and downs. Then deep within, I heard a gentle whisper from God: “Rut, follow me.” My first reaction was “Who, me? You don't want a woman who is into fashion, beauty, health, and vanity.” I was in denial.

Moreover, I could not make sense of the call to become a religious sister in the setting of a

“Family Improvement” workshop. The following day during the Mass, the gentle whisper of

God came once again, “Come on, Rut.” I could not deny the authenticity of this mysterious

invitation for me. I was ignorant about religious life because I have only been a Catholic by

name, and didn't even know where to begin. Even being a Eucharistic Youth Leader for many years, I felt I was living a double life, because my life at church was so different from my daily life. In addition, the thought of leaving my parents was unthinkable.

Looking back, however, it was indeed Mother Mary who must have interceded for me and led me to her Son. I was convinced that Our Lady introduced me to Mr. Right: Jesus. I began to search for different religious orders and was brought to this community, Lovers of the Holy Cross of Los Angeles. The aspirant director, Sr. Nga invited me to go on a discernment retreat. During the five days of silence and prayer, I was very drawn to the holiness and simplicity of the aspirants, and wanted to be one of them.

As I considered the possibility of joining, I also found to my surprise, my nursing background fit perfectly within the vast ministries of LHC. It was a perfect match. During that retreat, I decided to join.

During the next 8 months following the retreat, I had enough time to tie up loose ends, pay off the mortgage, purchase cemetery plots, entrust my parents to my other siblings, and ultimately entrust my parents to God's care. Despite the doubts I began to have, God gave me a sense of peace and joy. Each time I started to get cold feet, I remember Fr. Tri's advice to me during my discernment retreat: do not change my mind about something I had spent 5 days in silence and prayer.

I have now been in the Religious Life for 9 years, and I have 5 other holy sisters as my classmates. So in the end, my prayer of finding Mr. Right and living happily ever after was answered, however, in the way I least expected it. There is no better, more perfect spouse than Jesus. Despite the crosses I've encountered, we are still living happily ever after.

I pray for each of you–perhaps for some of you, Mr. Right is closer to you than you think.


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