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Youth & Young Adults Ministry

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MISSION: To raise awareness of suicide among the youth/young adults, assist in the healing process, and provide guidance to parents as a preventative measure. VISION: Everyone in the community, especially parents, will be more aware of the signs of suicide and will be able to support vulnerable youth/young adults to minimize mental health issues leading to suicide. GOAL: To collaborate with the community, especially parents, to end suicide in our community, stigma about suicide prevention, mental health services, and to provide help, and healing to the youth.

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MISSION: To enrich the youth's spiritual foundation and help them to build a relationship with Jesus in their daily lives. VISION: To help youth and young adults grow in their faith through connection with others, empowering them to use their gifts and talents to participate in the life of the church. GOAL: That all youth and young adults will encounter Christ.


VISION: All women, children and the unborn are given means to build their lives. MISSION: To support and protect the vulnerable, especially pregnant women, children, and the unborn. To advocate for the unborn. To build the culture of life where everyone has basic rights. GOAL: Use the tool of networking to provide resources, education, and spiritual companiment to bring awareness of the culture of life and similar topics.

No upcoming events at the moment
We ​exist to serve young people so they may experience love
and live their potential with hope and joy.
Contact Us

​Tel.: 714-576-0277


Provide individual therapy and referrals

We are here for you.


Provide workshops and Youth events

focusing on life skills and social skills.


Provide workshops for parents

to bring about mental health/illness awareness and resources for suicidal prevention. 

Helpful ​Resources

For Emergency assistance Dial 911 available 24/7
For Crisis Assessment: Dial 1-866-830-6011 Available 24/7*
For Suicide Prevention: Dial 1-877-727-4747 Available 24/7*
New Hope Crisis Counseling: 1-714-639-4673 Available 24/7*
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 988 Available 24/7* 
Veteran Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 (press 1) Available 24/7*
Crisis Text Line: Text HELLO to 741-741


"...From this retreat, a lot of the students return and become leaders or catechists at their own parishes themselves, hoping to instill that same fire to the next generation. I hope that as I continue being a member of this inspirational community, I can also keep that spirit alive for my students." 

Le Nguyen, CA

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Contact Us

​Tel.: 657-231-0110 



Retreats, workshops, faith sharing

Spiritual direction, praise and worship nights


Fellowship g​atherings

Game & Movie Nights

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Provide opportunities for leadership

Help youth to discover their gifts and talents

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