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What is my purpose in this world?...
                                  Who is God calling me to be?...
                                                                          For whom am I?...

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COME & SEE is a retreat that offers you a chance to come away, to encounter God’s personal love for you, and discover your deepest desires! It provides you a space and time to ask the “big questions” of life (What is my purpose in this world? Who is God calling me to be? For whom am I?) through companionship, reflective talks, quiet time, and guided prayers. This retreat also offers a unique live-in experience of community life and sisterhood! Through meals and prayer times with community members, retreatants have a better understanding of the vocation journey and enjoy the company of others who have responded to the call and are discerning more deeply. You can expect to walk away with a deep encounter of God’s love, a greater self-knowledge, and a clearer direction in life. Simply come and trust that God will meet you in your path!

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10734 S. Widener Ave.
Whittier, CA 90603

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