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“The greatest teacher is silence. To come out of interior silence and to practice its radiance, its love, its concern for others, its submission to God’s will, its trust in God – even in tragic situations – is the fruit of living from your inmost center, from the contemplative space within.”


 Fr. Thomas Keating, O.C.S.O.

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RETREAT is a time to unplug, to come away from ordinary busyness, and to be present to what is most important - your relationship with God. It is a time of encounter between two hearts, yours and Jesus. Through silence, reflective talks, guided prayers, and spiritual companionship, you are led on a journey to discover God’s calling for you to love radically! This is a time to take a step back, to encounter Jesus’ love and your heart’s deeper desires, and finally, discover your place in the world with Jesus, with confidence and clarity!

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