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Attending the ball and having the first dance with the prince is the sweetest dream of a little girl. She cannot imagine that one day, this sweetest of dreams will come true when she joyfully, yet trembling with fear, walks on the aisle to profess her vows to the Almighty God.

That little girl is me. I see myself like a Cinderella who doesn’t have a carriage, a beautiful dress, eloquent speech, or anything that makes me look like a princess. And here, the King of Kings, the Creator of the universe, comes and knocks all the doors in His Kingdom to search for me. Out of His Mercy and extravagant Love for me, he tirelessly and patiently searches for me.

Looking back at my very first encounter with Him in the Eucharist, Jesus simply received me as who I was, all that I had, my strength and weaknesses, my brokenness and my desires. He knows everything. He knows that my heart deeply thirsts to be loved. As He looked at my eyes with a loving gaze, He invited me to dance with Him. It is not only the expression of the sweetest of all dreams: it is a divine reality. From the beginning until now, I am truly enjoying each moment of a dance with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, lifting and falling, laughter and tears. All of these make the dance more beautiful than I could imagine. In His eyes, I am His little princess and His Joy. The dance continues… the music continues to play… and the mystery of Love continues to be discovered…The Love that never ends.


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